Inquiries are the foundations of informed decisions. You have a question. In fact, you may have many questions. So, why suppress them when you can find the answer with a little research? It is well in one’s positive benefit to take things with a pinch of salt! It is obvious that a cosmetic company would market its product.

what is bb cream


The cosmetic BB cream is no exception either! So, you need to dig a little deep perhaps to confirm that the claims are valid. As your query on what is BB cream leads you here, look for answers in this article also. Here, you get a precise evaluation of usability and credentials of the BB cream.

what is bb cream and how do you use it

Name and use

The BB cream is the marketing name for “Beauty Balm”, (somewhat confusing) “Blemish Balm”, and (even more confusing) “Beblesh Balm”. It originated in Germany more than 50 years ago and later became a rage in East and Southeast Asia. It earned the fame of being the secret of the Korean beauty.

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Essentially, the cream is a cosmetic product that combines the benefits of the complete personal care requirements. So, it is a single cream serving the purpose of primers, moisturizers, skin treatment, concealing cream, foundation, and sunscreen. The effectiveness of the BB cream derives from its origin as a clinical product.

what is a bb cream


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what is bb cream makeup


Developed by a woman

Dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek of Germany developed this cream to assist patients in recovering from the blemishes left on the skin following a laser treatment. That explains why another name for the cream is Blemish Balm’. Since a lady-dermatologist in Germany developed the original formula of the cream for clinical purposes, there is definitely safety in trusting the cream. After all, only a woman can best understand the requirements of another woman! Besides, a cream developed to help heal scars, and enliven the skin cannot be all bad! Also, it is a quite old cosmetic product. It has more than fifty years history. Something that survived this long also proves its usability. About the other confusing name, “Beblesh” was a marketing term developed because there is a trademark in Korea on “Blemish”.  

Benefits of BB cream

BB cream is used for saving makeup time and drawer space. Not to mention, you also add some dollars to your small rainy day savings. In the morning rush to leave for the office, this cream can be a blessing! It combines the benefits of all other cosmetic products in one jar. They are very effective as sun protection creams, offering a SPF 30 level protection.

The product also consists of calculated amounts in titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which are physical sunblocks with natural water resistant properties. They also have anti ageing ingredients like peptides. The Vitamin A, C, and E supplements work as antioxidants in the cream.

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The cream is a very effective moisturizer also because it consists of glycerin and hyaluronic acid. The cream would also take care of your skin tone because it has abrutin and licorice. Finally, you have a bright luminous finish to your skin because of the light reflecting mica in the cream. Also, the primer functions of the cream come from silicone based ingredients like dimethicone. These ingredients smoothen the skin perfectly. An understanding of the ingredients can assist in taking a positive decision.

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Depends on personal preference

You can find BB creams in online stores also. You need to look for a suitable store maintaining a good inventory of the BB creams. However, choosing the BB cream also depends significantly on personal preferences. Many women have their customized skincare routine where the precise amount of each ingredient is perfect by experience. Using the BB cream does not provide the chance to individualize your skincare. However, if you want makeup in a rush, the BB cream is the best.

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