With the help of this article, users will come to know in details about Etude House Baking Powder and the ingredients used for its manufacturing. Moreover, they will learn to use the product properly.

etude house baking powde bb deep cleansing foam

In this highly pollutant world, it is hard to maintain a flawless and clean skin if you are not aware of the proper ways to maintain it. The facial skin is the most sensitive of all and you are asked to get hold of the best skin cleaning products to wade off the dirt, oils and other dust particles from the core of the upper layer of skin. One such item can be defined as a strong baking powder agent, in the form of baking powder, and with a gentle touch on your skin. You will not get in touch with any of the harsh chemicals as the product is made with intense care and under strict guidance. There are some reliable stores, from where, you can avail the best foaming facial wash, at half the rate.

etude house baking powder pore cleansing foam

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Materials used for manufacturing

There are some reliable materials, which are used in order to manufacture the best cleansing foaming face wash.

  • This product comprises of BB deep cleansing substance for a deep cleaning experience.
  • For the best and clean result, the product is formulated using baking powder, which can help in cleaning and also penetrating deep, from the inside of the pores.
  • You might need only a pea size of the product in order to provide the best foaming experience.

pore cleansing powder


Ways of using it

  • The ways of using this foaming face wash is quite simple. For the first step, you have to wet your face properly with cold water.
  • For the next step, you have to apply a pea size of the product on your naked skin, and mix it with water to form lather.
  • Massage is the best part to get rid of the oil and dirt. Therefore, make it a point to massage in clockwise and anti-clockwise manner.
  • Rinse off the lather completely and pat your face dry. Make sure to rinse the product completely from your face.
  • As the product is quite light and effective, therefore; users do not have to rub the product hardly on the face. A little massage can easily help.

baking powder pore cleansing powder wash

Special points about the product

  • Thiscleansing foam face wash can help in cleaning the skin deep down from within, with proper use of BB deep cleaning formulation.
  • As the product is formulated with baking powder, a harsh cleaning agent, therefore; proper measures are taken in order to get hold of the best products.
  • The product is mild, thus; you will not come across any irritating or itching feel.
  • It comprises of tiny granules, which can act effectively as scrubbing element.
  • This product smells like lemon, which is enough to provide a refreshing feel to the user.

cleansing foam

What can it remove?

There are different types of foreign particles, which generally harm the facial skin, which is the most sensitive of the lot. With proper use of Etude House Baking Powder, there are various such substances, which can be removed within a jiffy. The amount of baking powder is used in an appropriate balance, in order to make the product very mild and light on the skin. Some of those particles, which can be removed effectively, are mentioned below:

how to use cleansing foam


  • Traces related with surface dirt
  • Excess oil
  • Make up, etc.

Some other factors to jot down

etude house baking powder

There are some other eminent points, which deserve special mention, when the main area of concern is related with foaming face wash. Apart from the removal of dirt and excess oil from the facial surface, the BB related wash can also help in providing a refreshing touch to the outer layer of the skin. As the product is going to work from deep down within, therefore; an outer glow is something, which you cannot miss.

etude house baking powder cleansing foam moist

You will get to know more about the product from its first wash only. This product can act as a perfect option, when you are planning to invigorate your complexion and land up with a fairer skin tone. However, you are asked to take hold of warm water in case you want to get a clean face, instantly.

A perfect product to remove makeup

baking powder pore cleansing foam

Cosmetic products might help you to look good, but those are again harming the skin tone and texture. You might get ageing signs quickly, after using makeup products. Therefore, removal of makeup after your work is done is a must. This product can be your bets and handy option to go for, when you are planning to remove your makeup. These are going to penetrate and at the same time cleanse deep within the pores, with the main aim to remove residue and also excess makeup. Baking powder is the main ingredient here and it will surely offer you with the finest possible cleaning experience. This product can also be defined as the perfect BB cream remover, and can be availed as 150ml volume.