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The BB cream refers to the “Beauty Balm”. The SKIN79 Oriental Gold BB cream is a good product deserving attention. BB is essentially the marketing acronym of the “Beauty Balm”. Other names include the “Blemish Balm” and the “Beblesh Balm”. Beblesh is just a marketing term devised because there is a copyright in Korea on the use of “Blemish”.

oriental gold bb cream

It is an all-in-one solution looking after the different aspects of your skincare. You do not have to have separate moisturizer, concealing product, foundation, sunscreen, primer, and skin repair solution. The BB cream would attend to all these requirements.

skin79 oriental gold bb cream review

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Korea is a good source

It is very popular in countries of Southeast and East Asia like Korea. This country has a huge cosmetic market where informed customers like to try new products consistently. Maintaining one’s optimum beauty is an essential sensibility of the Korean culture. The cosmetic products attend to this sensibility. Manufacturers constantly strive to provide the best and the latest products for the Korean market. You can also take advantage of these efforts by looking for Korean products online. You need to find a suitable site maintaining a diverse inventory of the latest cosmetic products.

oriental gold bb cream review

Skin79 Lotus Mild Cleansing Foam 200ml
List Price: $14.99
Price: $14.99
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Essential product features

BB creams have different variations. Some products serve all the functions mentioned above. Other solutions only provide a part of skincare. The SKIN79 Oriental Gold BB Cream provides effective skincare in three main usabilities. It is a whitening cream to offer a lively and fresh appearance. It is also a sun-protection cream offering SPF25 PA++ protection. It also has certified KFDA3 functions, which only means that it is also useful for improving the skin tone. You can use the product also as a foundation. However, most women use the BB cream as the sole cosmetic to take care of the skin. It is highly useful when you need a fast makeup before leaving for the office or the party. Besides, since you are not buying different products, you also save in some rainy day money. If you are consistent in using the cream, you can save a good amount in a long-term.

oriental gold bb cream skin79


Insights on BB creams

The BB cream has a good reputation in the cosmetic industry for a variety of reasons. First, she was Dr. Christine Schrammek, a woman dermatologist from Germany who developed this cream. The original purpose of the formula was to help patients recover from the blemishes left on the skin due to laser treatments.

oriental gold bb cream plus review

That was a long time ago, around fifty years to be precise. Second, since the original development of the cream was due to clinical purposes, you can be confident that it has the best ingredients to help the skin heal. Third, the BB creams have been around for so many decades. They must have some good usage values to persist for this long. Evaluating these reasons can assist in taking an informed decision. The SKIN79 Oriental Gold BB Cream is a good solution.

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skin79 oriental gold bb cream ingredients

Skin79 Lotus Mild Cleansing Foam 200ml
List Price: $14.99
Price: $14.99
Price Disclaimer

However, despite its fame, make sure that yours is an informed decision. Always confirm that your skin type is suitable for a comprehensive solution. Check the reviews to find whether the product is good for all skin types. Also, after buying the jar, make sure not to overdo the application. Since it is a whitening cream, obviously there is a bleaching agent in moderation among the ingredients. Avoiding the overdoing aspect would prevent any long-term damage due to bleaching.

oriental gold bb cream plus

Keep some gap in applying the cream. You do not lose your tone and fairness overnight. Cosmetics take care of the skin for a few days at a stretch. So, maintain a healthy frequency in using the cream.